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STAY (with me tonight)


“Stay With Me Tonight” encapsulates the intense longing and unwavering hope of enduring connections, blending emotional resonance with sonic depth. This track stands out for its lyrical intimacy and melodic richness, creating an experience that’s both deeply personal and universally relatable. With a soundscape that seamlessly combines elements of pop and electronic music, it captures the essence of desire and commitment, making it an essential addition to your playlist.

Late Sister of MOZI Laurelle, Single Cover



Last year, I experienced a profound personal tragedy — the loss of my beloved sister… Read more…

She battled bravely against the shadows of deep depression, a silent struggle that often goes unseen and unheard in our society. This Friday, I am releasing a new song accompanied by a benefit video, dedicated to her memory and to all those who face similar battles. This project is more than just a tribute; it’s a clarion call for awareness and understanding. Depression is a pervasive issue, yet it remains shrouded in stigma and misunderstanding. Through my music and this video, I aim to shine a light on the reality of depression, to honor my sister’s fight, and to break the taboo surrounding mental health.

POP Single by Mozi: Lollipop getting licked by Lips



The latest auditory gem from the German author with French roots brilliantly captures the bittersweet dynamics of unfulfilled desires and whimsical longings, painting a vivid soundscape of longing and fleeting moments of joy

MOZI Single Cover in front of Statue for his Single: Her Name is PIA

her name is PIA



Bad Kiss Lettering with a black heart in the middle on beige background



This single captures the complex emotions of first love with a mix of youthful passion and frustration. ‘Bad Kiss’ resonates with its lyrical depth and melodic finesse, offering an immersive experience that beautifully melds nostalgia with raw emotion, making it a must-add to your playlist.”

a Guitar of Mozi drawn with watercolor for MOZI Single FlIRT



With his new single ‘Flirt’, MOZI has captured the essence of first love, evoking the magic and wonder of being young and in love. But make no mistake this passionate newcomer is no fleeting infatuation.

First Single Cover MOZI, Water Colored Sunset in warm colors



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